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San-ai of the major swimsuit sales elected "San-ai swimsuit image girl


San-ai of the major swimsuit sales elected "San-ai swimsuit image girl" to appear one after another TV personality Mr. Masaljusai Kinoshita and Mr. Saisaio every year announced that they appointed class group "MYNAME" of five men in South Korea that debuted Japan as a man campaign character on the 25th on the 24th.
The man character was born for the first time in the swimsuit sales of this company by the history of 57 years.



"San-ai swimsuit image girl" is provided for 02 years as a campaign character of this company edge water wear sales shop "San-ai swimsuit paradise", it appears one after another Mr. Yamamotoazsa, Sugimoto Yumi, and Satoko Miyata, and Mr. Miyahara Ot is acting this year. The announcement interview is held as a chairperson of comedy duo "Asian" on this day, and "MYNAME" of a new character appears with Mr. Miyahara.
It greets it in Japanese , saying that "The choice is to no debut in Japan yet and there is a light". Five people who wrapped in the fashion of the swimsuit style that seemed to be put on in the town were appealing immediately for merchandise as a campaign character , saying that "Easily terribly . It is cool".

- Mr. Miyahara Ot of 5 person in South Korea class group "MYNAME" and San-ai swimsuit image girl chosen to be the first man swimsuit campaign character in San-ai (rightmost) Http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2012/07/24/085/images/001l.jpg

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-san-ai/swim suits/under wear
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